warm avocado? for breakfast? yes please!

I saw this “recipe” on Pinterest a while ago and I’ve been meaning to try it. It was just bizarre enough to catch my attention and just yummy-sounding enough to keep it! So, one random morning last weekend, I texted my handy dandy best friend/neighbor and asked if she wanted breakfast! See, I always feel like I need someone to cook breakfast for if I’m going to go all-out. She accepted my invitation and I had a go at this.

First, I got out all of my ingredients. Brace yourself, there are a TON in this recipe.

Ha ha just kidding! Really, this recipe is easy peasy. Not too many ingredients… all you need is avocados, eggs and some salsa to serve with them! I also ended up serving tortillas with them… but that was an afterthought so the torts didn’t make the ingredients picture. They make an appearance later, I promise.

I would have included a picture of my guest because, as you know, I believe things like coffee, wine and guests are all important ingredients, but she had just gotten out of bed. If I had publicly posted a picture of her right after she got out of bed, I would’ve been scared for my life. She knows where I live you guys. She even has a key to my apartment! At the very least, I bet there would be an unflattering payback picture posted on her blog soon. I didn’t want that. Next time I cook for her, she won’t get out of the requisite picture so easily!

First things first, I cut the avocados in such a way that I ended up with two about 1-inch thick rings out of their centers. Like this:

Basically, I cut the round sides off of each avocado, then poked out the pits. Now, this method may seem like it wastes a lot of valuable avocado BUT that is only the case if you throw it in the trash can. If you throw the excess avocado in a bowl and add some of the aforementioned salsa, you have a handy dandy guacamole to snack on later. Waste not, want not!

Anyway, after I poked out the pit, I cut the hole it left a little bigger. If you try this at home, I recommend that you cut the holes bigger than I did. My holes didn’t hold a whole egg very well. You’ll see in just a second. Also, a very important point: I left the skin ON the avocado slices. I repeat: I left the skin on!

Next, I started a skillet on medium-lowish heat and sprayed it with cooking spray. Then, I laid the avocado slices in the skillet. And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, I cracked an egg into the hole in each slice!

See what I was saying? Egg overflow! If you make the same hole-cutting mistake that I did, never fear! After the overflow egg white cooks a little and solidifies, you can just scoop it out of the pan like I did. Who needs extra egg white when you have all that avocado anyway? Really, it worked out better this way… or that’s what I’m telling myself at least.

I put a lid on the pan to cook for a little while and let the contained heat help cook the eggs. I left the lid on for about 3-4ish minutes (it was hard not to peak) and when I took it off this is what was waiting for me underneath:

Voila! Gorgeous! I could’ve stopped at this point and if I had just been cooking for myself I would have. However, my handy dandy best friend/neighbor guest doesn’t like her eggs runny… so I decided to give flipping these puppies over a try. It was scary. I’m telling you. It was touch-and-go for a few minutes there… Ok ok, it wasn’t really THAT hard thanks to this fabulous flipping device:

I highly recommend this magical flipping device. I can tell you from experience that it is 100% worth it to buy the Williams Sonoma version. I tried a cheaper knock-off version and it quickly met it’s demise in my trash can. The edge of it got all nasty bendy and it wouldn’t slide under eggs without tearing them up! What good is a flipper if it doesn’t slide under eggs?! Moral of the story: buying quality pays off. This one is fabulous and it did a great job of flipping egg-avocado situations over!

This side didn’t need to cook very long so, while it was cooking, I quickly tossed a couple whole wheat tortillas in the microwave. Luckily, my microwave just so happened to be clean so I could take a picture!

Finally, I quickly threw some salsa onto a couple plates and topped it with an avocado-egg!

There you have it folks! The finished product! This breakfast was a hit with both me and my best friend/neighbor, Natalie. If you’ve never tried any sort of a warm avocado situation such as this, I think you should. Immediately. You should probably just try this very recipe. It was very creamy and delicious. It was the perfect breakfast to start a productive day!


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